Justin Sheedy Best-Selling Author

Author Justin Sheedy – pic by Danny Aarons, Central Magazine

23 comments on “Home
  1. Colin Cool says:

    Good show old chap!

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  2. True cheers, Colin. You are the FIRST ever person to comment on this Website.


  3. Andrew Landström says:

    I wish every homepage was like this. Like the basic six. You see what you bred straight away.

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  4. Danielle shacklock says:

    Congratulations on ever growing success and amazing books. A repertoire sure to grow. Keep soaring with your successes – you have my continued support.

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  5. Petra Grotjahn says:

    This is awesome Justin. This is going in my favourites.


  6. Mark Bentley says:

    Awesome stuff Mr Sheedy,
    I am so hoping you do another trilogy based on NTYC – PLEASE


  7. Michael High says:

    This has been a long time coming. 🙂 Very pleased and very happy for you.

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  8. Michael Raymond says:

    Well … I liked it!


  9. mike rubbo says:

    Greetings Justin, lovely to see the interaction with your fans and friends. Your name was given to me by Dennis Jones as a very successful promoter of his own work. Dennis suggested I get in touch to perhaps pick up a few tips. I’ll write you directly Mike Rubbo


  10. Dave Vane says:

    Great to see the upgrade, Justin! Looking forward to reading “Other People’s Wars”.


  11. Rowena Henery says:

    I just finished Goodbye Crackernight. I was attracted to it in the West Ryde Library because of the Staff Pick sticker! It evoked such memories of similar childhood days in Turramurra.

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  12. Fiona Bridges says:

    I’ve just finished ‘Goodbye Crackernight’ and want to say how much I enjoyed it. I grew up in the 70’s also, though in suburban Melbourne, and could certainly relate to much of the book and the memories within its pages. Thank you.


    • Ah, just bliss to know, Fiona, and thanks for saying so. Superb to think the book worked for you. I wrote it as a “mirror to us”. A “shared” memoir. OUR story. So thanks again. — Justin Sheedy.


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