Major Publishing Deal for Author Justin Sheedy – World War II Trilogy for world-wide release by New Holland

I’ve waited about 10 years to be able to say this so here goes. I have just signed a MAJOR PUBLISHING DEAL. Yes, it is a dream-come-true for me to be able to say that I have just signed a major publishing deal for my books with New Holland Publishing. In just weeks from now, my historical fiction trilogy will be available worldwide INCLUDING, for the first time, on bookstore shelves in the United Kingdom. Which is awesome as “Nor the Years Condemn”, “Ghosts of the Empire” and “No Greater Love” are so richly SET in the UK. PLUS New Holland will be publishing Book 4 in the series, “Ghosts of the Future”, this coming October, me currently writing like a man possessed. So there you are. Never thought it would but everything I ever wanted and never expected has just come to pass. Yes, dreams DO come true. Updated book cover artwork for my trilogy featured below. All titles available soon in bookstores & online. — Justin Sheedy

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Author’s Return to Number 1 Best-Seller Store

Justin Sheedy No Greater Love Number 1Hello, Booklovers!  Justin Sheedy here. During 2017 my latest book achieved Number 1 best-seller status for Australian Fiction at Dymocks Sydney so if you haven’t read it yet I would love to meet you and sign you a copy of “No Greater Love” at my first appearance at Australia’s premier bookstore for 2018.  So what’s it about?

Justin-Sheedy-Dymocks-8Intensively based on true Australian war history and events, “No Greater Love” is a saga of the drama, beauty, heroism and horror of a young Australian Spitfire pilot’s war journey through stunning Malta, Egypt and North Africa, Sicily, England and Europe. It is also a salute to the hero girls the war places on his path, a portrait of the tragic, wholesale waste of war, on occasion even the profound humanity of his enemy.

“No Greater Love” is the story of Aussie rough-diamond, Colin Stone, of his loyalty and devotion to his friends, of his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him, and his dreams of being held by her once again.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you. — Justin Sheedy

Date: Saturday 9th June 2018 / Time: 10am-5pm / Venue: Dymocks Sydney / Cost: Free

Justin Sheedy3

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Author Justin Sheedy Video Interview by Tom Keneally Library

I have just had the honour of being videoed by the Tom Keneally Library, the new central-Sydney library and literary centre recently founded by arguably Australia’s greatest living author, national treasure, Tom Keneally.  Filmed in the iconic Berkelouw Books Paddington just last week, the video (viewable below) was arranged as a cross-promotion between me as an author, the Tom Keneally Library, and Berkelouw Books Paddington, the bookstore that launched my career as an author with my first book, “Goodbye Crackernight”, back in 2009. It was indeed a pleasure, 5 books later, to talk on-camera about my literary journey since then and with some heartfelt & hard-won advice for aspiring authors. Since filming, the video has been receiving rave responses, and closes for me a truly rewarding 2017 during which my latest book, “No Greater Love”, achieved Number 1 Best-Seller status at Australia’s premier bookstore, Dymocks Sydney.


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Author Justin Sheedy Sydney Christmas Shopping Book-Signings

Justin Sheedy Dymocks Sydney 16 Nov 2017

It’s with relief that I report my first two end-of-year book-signings last week were both sell-out events. As per the smile on my ugly mug in the above pic, two sell-outs in one week at Australia’s premier bookstore, Dymocks George Street Sydney! And I have 4 more coming up: Every Saturday in December at Dymocks stores around Sydney so if you’re looking for some fab Christmas presents I would love to sign you a copy of my latest book, “No Greater Love” or one of my other titles. Of course if you can’t make a Sydney signing, all my books are available for you via Amazon and on request (via the Contact page of this website) I can email you a hand-signed dedication for you print & paste inside the front cover of any one of my books.

Fab Christmas presents? Don’t take my word for it, click HERE to read fab reader reviews of my books. And a personal Christmas dedication signed by me to your nearest & dearest always makes for a rather special Christmas present. My upcoming signing dates as follows: Dymocks Chatswood Sat 2 Dec, Dymocks Macquarie Sat 9 Dec, Dymocks Sydney Sat 16 Dec, Dymocks Broadway Sat 23 Dec. I look forward to meeting you at one or to sending you a personalised dedication for your Amazon copy. 

Merry Christmas
Justin Sheedy

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6 End-of-Year Book-Signing Events to Close a Best-Selling 2017 for Author Justin Sheedy

Justin Sheedy Best-Selling Author2017 has been stellar for Justin Sheedy, the year seeing his 5th & latest book, No Greater Love, achieve best-seller status at Australia’s premier bookstore, Dymocks George Street Sydney.

hnsa-conference-logo-and-justin-sheedyFor Sheedy the year has been a round of radio interviews and writers’ festival engagements including his July “Wings Into History” author panel appearance at Sydney’s Gordon Library and his hugely successful “Worlds at War” author panel spot at the Historical Novel Society Australasia 2017 Conference in Melbourne in October. For Sheedy 2017 now draws to a close with no less than 6 end-of-year book-signing events…

Saturday November 11th – Dymocks Sydney
The red poppy is our symbol of war remembrance, also the key symbol of Sheedy’s Australian World War II trilogy, the final chapter of which he will be signing this Remembrance Day 2017 at Dymocks Sydney.

Justin Sheedy No Greater Love Number 1

“No Greater Love” a Number 1 Best-Seller Dymocks Sydney June 2017

Thursday November 16th – Dymocks Sydney
Since Sheedy’s No Greater Love achieved best-seller status at Dymocks Sydney this year, it seems Australia’s premier bookstore can’t get enough of him. And he can’t get enough of them!

Saturday 2nd December – Dymocks Chatswood
Dymocks Chatswood have been a tower of support in Sheedy’s long road to best-seller status. He is delighted to be opening his 2017 Christmas signing season at this great store.
NST 27 AprSaturday 9th December – Dymocks Macquarie Centre
Sheedy is delighted to be signing his 5th and latest book in the bookstore of childhood stamping ground.

Saturday 16th December – Dymocks Sydney
As Christmas nears, Sheedy will be grateful as always to do his by now annual Christmas shopping signing at the store that made his latest a best-seller in 2017.

Justin Sheedy Dymocks 10 June 2017Saturday 23rd December – Dymocks Broadway
On the eve of Christmas 2017, Sheedy will be signing No Greater Love at his local bookstore, Dymocks Broadway. Indeed a lovely way to close a stellar year.

Dymocks Sydney 25 March

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Marathon Radio Interview for “No Greater Love” Author, Justin Sheedy

Justin-Sheedy-Dymocks-8For Justin Sheedy, 2017 has been a non-stop round of personal appearances and media events in promotion of his latest historical novel, No Greater Love, Part 3 in his warmly-received trilogy bringing to life the amazing true story of Australian Spitfire pilots in World War II. Click the player below to listen to his August 2017 interview with the excellent Barbie Robinson of ArtSoundFM 92.7 Canberra on her Write On program, a fabulous show for readers and writers in the Canberra area and of course streaming online. As you’ll hear, it was an engaging live chat between them and an in-depth one, at 16 minutes duration, in live radio terms what is considered a marathon interview and something that can only happen when the rapport between presenter and guest is truly there, genuine and solid. Which, as you will hear, it was. Audio below.

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Justin Sheedy Guest Author at Historical Novel Society Australasia 2017 Melbourne Conference


This Saturday author Justin Sheedy will appearing as a guest author at the Historical Novel Society Australasia 2017 Conference in Melbourne. A 3-day writers’ festival featuring 60+ authors sharing their passion for bringing history alive through their books, on Saturday Sheedy will feature on an author panel entitled “Worlds at War: The Appeal of 20th Century Historical Fiction”. Discussing the fascination that novels depicting the great conflicts of modern times hold for today’s readers, Sheedy will appear with authors Pamela Hart, Julian Novitz, Paddy Richardson and Elise McCune.

For more details, full conference program and to book tickets, visit the Historical Novel Society Australasia 2017 Conference website HERE.

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