Articles by Justin

the-monkees“They Didn’t Play Their Own Instruments” – A Tribute to The Monkees

omhs-lazenby12The Man Who Would be Bond – An Appreciation of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, United Artists, 1969

wakeinfrightposter02“Wake In Fright” – A Lost Masterpiece Found

banana-splits1“The Banana Splits” – They don’t make kids’ TV shows like THIS anymore…

tang-3“Drink it, Freddy… DRINK it…” – an excerpt from “Goodbye Crackernight”

children-playing“What If The Power Failed?” – Today’s kids and their Virtual fun

hippies“BLOODY HIPPIES!” – A Head’s-Up for Generation X

byron-bay-writers-festivalJustin Sheedy guest at the Byron Bay Writers Festival 2010 (PART 1)

At the Byron Bay Writers Festival 2010 – (PART 2)

bassey-shirley-somethingOne of the Mightiest Cover Versions of All Time – “Light My Fire” sung by Shirley Bassey

sam-buteraDefining ‘Funky’ – “Fever”, version by Sam Butera, 1958

jesus-christ-superstar-soundtrack1“Jesus Christ Superstar”. Easter Story Masterpiece

harpo-marx11The Marx Brothers Were the Sun Coming Up – an excerpt from “Goodbye Crackernight”

The Power of Perseverance” – an Article published by the New South Wales Writers’ Centre.


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